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Tuesday, December 15th


This is how much full-time work and parenting have taken out of me.

The other day Dave, Dess and I were at the bookstore. After a fun-filled excursion replete with the constant chorus, "Dess, honey, put that down" and "Dessa, come back here", I made my selections, paid and was heading to the door. While passing a particularly colorful display, one of the book titles caught my eye and, laughing, I turned to Dave.

"My god, who on earth would buy 'The Sylvia Plath Cookbook'??" I wondered aloud.

He looked at me like I was nuts, returned to the display and pointed out that the title of the book was not, in fact, my absurd interpretation (I mean, really! "The Sylvia Plath COOKBOOK"??? The hell?) but something far more logical. It was, in fact, "The Silver Palate Cookbook".

I used to be so lucid. What in heaven's name happened?
Posted by GoddessKristin on 12/15/09 at 02:24 PM [link] [No Comments - Be the first!]